Filtered or tap - what water to drink
Filtered or tap – what water to drink
Sierpień 5, 2019
Is filtered water a good way to irrigate
Is filtered water a good way to irrigate?
Sierpień 20, 2019
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Filter pitchers – does it really work?

Filter pitchers - does it really work

Filter pitchers- does it really work? The answer is : YES! Tap water is not different from water purchased at shops. Often, it is even healthier because plastic contained in bottles has harmful  for our health phenols and phenols including bisphenol A. The problem of tap water is outdated plumbing. Water examined by sewage treatment plants has chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.

It is crucial to use Dafi filters for water. Pitchers with Dafi water filter are very convenient in use. Thanks to filtering you will get rid of chlorine and other impurities. You will become eco- friendly as well. Plastic bottles are a threat for the environment. Do you know that a plastic bottle decomposes in about 700-1000 years ?! Forget about carrying heavy water bottles and take care of the state of our planet.

Why is it worth to choose Dafi filter pitchers?

Thanks to Dafi filter pitchers you will obtain delicious, refreshing and, most of all, healthy, cleansed from chlorine and heavy metal water. Thanks to Dafi filter pitchers you will save money, your wallet will be thicker then, and you will gain more money for pleasure. A monthly cost of using a filter is about USD 3,8. On the other hand, buying 100 bottles of water with a capacity of 1.5 liters per month equals about USD 31. For comparison, 1 replaceable filter is only 10 g of plastic, and the 100 PET bottles are as much as 2.2 kg of plastic. Dafi water pitchers are very functional.

They have an indicator of filter exchange and thanks to it you will know when in the high time to buy a new filter. Remember that filters should be exchanged about every month. Another important feature is a tank for tap water and a place for a filter- thanks to these functions your water is clean, fresh and healthy. The cover with an inlet will allow you to pour water to a pitcher and to pour filtered water to mugs, cups or other things. There is a source of health in the filtered water tank – your delicious water.