What is the process of filtering water?
Sierpień 4, 2019
Filter pitchers - does it really work
Filter pitchers – does it really work?
Sierpień 16, 2019
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Filtered or tap – what water to drink

Filtered or tap - what water to drink

Just 40 or 30 years ago drinking tap water was harmful for healt and it was necessary to boil it in order to make it safe to drink. But, times has changed and technology has developed. Today we boil water only in order to heat it up. EU drinking water directives must be strictly followed. Poland receives hundreds of millions of zlotys from the European Union to improve water and sewage treatment plants.

Water supply infrastructure is subject to systematic checks. It seems to be wonderful but is it really so ideal? If the case looks so good then why do we need filters for water? So, it must be clearny said that it is not so perfect. Despite numerous inspections and legal regulations, waterworks also have their drawbacks. Tap water has chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. Don’t worry, Dafi water filters are ready.

Why is filtered water better than tap water?

An alternative for tap water are Dafi filters. Dafi filters have an active carbon. Many surveys led by scientists show that activated carbon effectively removes chlorine and its derivatives and other impurities. Moreover, Dafi filter cartridges have an ion exchange resin which rinses from water heavy metals such as lead and copper. Thanks to ion exchange resin water becomes soft. What is more, Dafi filter softens water without completely removing calcium and magnesium, which affect your health. It only removes them so that the kettle is free of limescale. Thanks to that your kettle will be clean from limescale and you with your family will drink delicious tea without limescale.

You will also get rid of dark tarnish on cups thanks to which washing dishes will be fabulously easy. Dafi filters improve the taste of your water. It happens because during the filtering process chlorine is removed. Your water will be just delicious and healthy. Purchasing Dafil filter is also significant benefit to your wallet. It really pays off! A liter of filtered water costs only 10 cents.