What is the process of filtering water?
Sierpień 4, 2019
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How to soften water for a coffee machine

How to soften water for a coffee machine

Water makes 96-98% of the coffee from the coffee machine. To obtain a delicious and aromatic coffee taste, you need soft water. Hard water will make your coffee tasteless. The taste of coffe made in hard water is also not a pleasure. That is why it is very important to change water in the coffee machine everyday. A key point is also to filter water. And there, it is Dafi household goods+ filter. This unique filter softens your water. Dafi household goods+ filter was made for all coffee and tea lovers. It can be used to brew coffee in a kettle and a coffee maker, but also in a humidifier or iron.

Dadi household goods+ filter protects against precipitation of limescale and thus reduces the precipitation of calcium and magnesium salts. All of these make that your coffee machine and other household goods will last longer. Thanks to filtered water you will also beware of kidney stones. Low-mineralized water is recommended for the prevention of kidney stones. Now you know why soft water for making coffee is so important. Let’s focus now on the ways how to use a filter for water in the coffee machine. Automatic coffee machines often have a built-in place for the filter. Then the matter is simple. However, when there is not enough space for a filter – the matter is the same! Then just use the Dafi filter. The best if it is a pitcher with Dafi household goods+ filter. Thanks to ii you will obtain fresh, free of calcium and magnesium salt as well as coffee brew. Your coffee will be aromatic and delicious.

Why is it worth to choose Dafi household goods+ filter?

Dafi household goods+ filter gives you many advantages. First, Dafi filters have beneficial effect on health. Thanks to Dafi household goods+ filter you will obtain better water taste. This filter is perfect not only for making coffe but you can also cook vegetables, soups, pastas, cereal and other dishes. Secondly, your coffee machine will breathe a sigh of relief. Why? It is going to get rid of the stone. An additional advantage is that the mentioned filter has a large capacity which is in a small size.