Filter pitchers - does it really work
Filter pitchers – does it really work?
Sierpień 16, 2019
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Is filtered water a good way to irrigate?

Is filtered water a good way to irrigate

Our body in 70% consists of water. We need it to life. Every cells of a human body need rehydration. Thanks to water our organism is purifying from harmful substances of the metabolism. Without water human organism is able to survive only several days. Thus, we must rehydrate the organism.

The question is: What water to choose?

Nowadays, drinking bottled water has become very fashionable. Many of us are afraid to use tap water for drinking. Generally, it is believed that tap water is unhealthy and not suitable for drinking. Bottled water from shops is prefered. The truth is somewhere in the middle. The best way is to choose the Golden mean which are Dafi water filters. For sure, you are wondering: What is wrong with mineral water bought for 0,5 USD for 1,5 liters at a greengrocer’s in the corner.

We will tell the answer soon. Now, a little bit of a theory. Shop waters can be devided as: mineral, spring, medicinal/ mensal. Seems to be great but how is it in the reality? For sure, water is clean and takes minerals from groundwater. What is tap water like? Tap water is taken mainly from rivers. Sewage treatment plants take care about water quality and they filter it.

But, even water filtered by sewage treatment plants has chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. A good solution to get rid of chlorine from tap water are pitchers and bottles with Dafi carbon filters. It is far better sollution than buying expensive water at shops. We thus present several arguments for purifying water with Dafi filters. First two arguments are convenience and saving. We do not have to carry heavy bottles of water and then even pay for that.

Thanks to Dafi filters we obtain 1 liter of clean water for 10 pence, and thus during one year will give us USD 256 of savings. What is more, we can become eco- friendly. Do you know that 300 of pint bottles PET equals 1 exchangeable Dafi filter? Rehydrating the organism using filtered water we carry a positive impact on the environment.