How to soften water for a coffee machine
How to soften water for a coffee machine
Sierpień 2, 2019
Filtered or tap - what water to drink
Filtered or tap – what water to drink
Sierpień 5, 2019
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What is the process of filtering water?

Water is life. But, water purchased at shops and tap water leaves much to be desired. Plastic contained in bottles from shops has harmful phenols and phenols including bisphenol A. Despite of many testing and control tap water contains chlorine, heavy metals as well as pesticides and herbicides. This is due to the outdated plumbing installation. An ideal alternative for bottled water and tap water is a process of water filtering using Dafi filters.

How is water filtered? Types of filtration

Filtering tap water is a great method but why is it worth to choose Dafi filters? During filtering you get rid of all of impurities. Dafi filters get rid of iron in the oxidation process. All impurities remain in the filter, and you can enjoy the taste of delicious and clean water. Sounds wonderful, but that’s not all! Quartz sand contained in pitchers filters has magnesium oxides. It is thanks to this that magnesium remains on the filter. The acidic reaction of the catonite from the heat exchanger lets water in, and thus retains calcium and magnesium. Water straight from a tap also carries mechanical impurities. They are created as a result of precipitation of various types of compounds. Mechanical filtration is carried out to remove them.

Filtration thresholds are set, and filter cartridges must be graded. Another type of filtration is the use of so-called reverse osmosis. Osmotic filtration allows the removal of fluoride from water. We should remember about regular filter exchange. Purified water ensures freshness, refreshment and delicious taste. Choosing a Dafi filter you say stop to chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals such as lead or copper. It is worth to invest in your health and trust experienced, polish brand as Dafi is. Thanks to using filters you will provide healthy, clean and tasty water for yourself and your family. By choosing Dafi you also generate significant savings on your home budget. You can safely give up buying bottled water.